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Profile | Hovhannes Tumanian

Profile | Hovhannes Tumanian

Feb. 19, 1869 - March 23, 1923


By Lilly Torosyan


Perhaps no author has captivated the hearts and minds of Armenians—young and old alike—as intensely as Hovhannes Tumanian. Often mislabeled as a children’s writer, Tumanian’s “simple” style represented literature that was of, and for, the masses—meant to be consumed by all—regardless of age, class, gender, or education level. No wonder, then, he is considered the national poet of Armenia.

Ballads and poems

  • The Dog and the Cat (1886)
  • Maro (1887)
  • Akhtamar (1891)
  • David of Sassoun (1902)
  • The Capture of Fort Tmuk (1902)
  • A Drop of Honey (1909)
  • The End of Evil (1908)
  • The Shah and the Peddler (1917)


  • Anush (1890)
  • Gikor
  • David of Sassoun

Fairy tales

  • Nazar the Brave
  • The Kid Goat
  • The Unlucky Panos

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Phonetic spelling

Hoh-vahn-ness Too-mahn-yahn (Hoʊvənz Tuməniən)

Place of birth

Dsegh village, Lori, Armenia


Writer; Poet; Translator; Activist


Narrative poems in rhyming verse

Today, Tumanian’s tongue has reached a crystalline simplicity that approaches Pushkin, and which should be considered one of his highest virtues.

- Vahan Terian <br> (1885-1920)

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