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Bringing you original, creative content 

Photo credit: Norayr Kasper, "Residues of a Slogan." Fotoistanbul 2015.
Here we celebrate our freelance contributors

Here at h-pem, we thrive on original content that sends ripples of contagious enthusiasm.

We welcome writers who are experts in their fields, but you don’t have to be a professional writer, a cultural expert, or an art critic to contribute. If you enjoy writing and can breathe life into your stories, we want to hear from you. All you have to do is pitch your proposal.

Add your name to our list of contributors list today!


Brussels, Belgium

Sarine Arslanian

Documentary Film Director; Storyteller

Sarine is a social-minded storyteller, writer, documentary film director, visual anthropologist, traveler, photographer, lover of life, and Reiki practitioner, who believes in the power of stories to challenge mentalities, move to take action, bridge gaps, heal, and inspire. Her work explores who we are in this world and how we connect with one another and the natural environment. She is the co-founder of PATMI, a cultural NGO which promotes community development and cultural heritage in rural Armenia through art, storytelling, and education. Sarine is fluent in English, French, and Armenian, as well as proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. She has studied Development Studies at Cambridge, Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology at Kent and Filmmaking at Raindance.

United States

Hamilton, N.Y., United States

Ani Arzoumanian

Neuroscience and Creative writing student; Certified firefighter and EMT

Ani Arzoumanianis a neuroscience and creative writing student at Colgate University, where she serves as the founder and president of the Armenian Students’ Association and a reporter for the school’s newspaper. She is also a certified firefighter and EMT, and volunteers for the Hamilton Fire Department while at school. During a mission trip to Armenia, hosted by Armenian-American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO), she served as a translator and medical assistant. After medical school, she plans to take her skills back to Armenia, where she has spent every summer of her life, to help her people. Ani frequently writes about her experiences as an Armenian and a first responder and hopes to write as a hobby for the rest of her life.

United States

Glendale, Calif., United States

Missak Artinian

Comedy writer; Magician

Missak Artinian (AKA Magic Missak, AKA the Armenian Channing Tatum) is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer and magician.

United States

Chicago, Ill., United States

Araxie Cass

Freelance writer; Activist

Araxie Cass is a creative writing student at the University of Chicago. With her photographer mother, Anahit, she co-founded Rebirth Armenia, an organization that shares stories of survival and resistance in Artsakh and the border region of Tavush, where locals live under daily threat of military force from neighboring Azerbaijan. Her e-book, Defenders: Stories from Armenia’s Border Villages, is a collection of short stories from some of these locals. Araxie is a contributor for the Armenian feminist blog, Kooyrigs, and her work has appeared in Pilgrimage Magazine (2018), We Told This Story from the Margins (2015), A Record in Space (2016), and I Just Like the Way it Sounds (2017) 826CHI publications. In addition, she has been published in Potluck Magazine, McSweeney’s and The Chicago Reader.

United States

Chicago, Ill., United States

Kristine Anahit Cass

Photographer; Lawyer

 Kristine Anahit Cass is a photographer based in Chicago. Her work is animated by her concern for social and human rights issues. Through photography, she explores issues both personal and communal. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Cass trained as a lawyer, which informs her commitment to social justice. With a background in art history and design, Cass believes in art as a medium for change. Her project in Armenia, Borderlands Under Fire, was a 2018 Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize finalist. 

United States

Los Angeles, Calif., United States

Hratch Demiurge

Comedian; Poet; Teacher; Translator

Hratch Demiurge is a comedian, poet, teacher and translator of Daniel Varoujan's Pagan Songs. He is currently in the process of translating the satirical biographies of the "Armenian Molière"—Hagop Baronian—a timely work on the incompetence/corruption of Armenian bigwigs in the latter half of the 19th century. Hratch lives and works in Los Angeles and insists what makes him so smart is that he is too stupid to understand nonsense.

Dalita Khoury

Philadelphia, Pa., United States

Dalita Khoury

Graduate student; Freelance writer

Dalita Khoury holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Boston University and will continue her studies this fall at Drexel University in Philadelphia for a Master of Science in Arts Administration. A self-proclaimed writer and film enthusiast, Dalita is seeking opportunities that enable her to engage with ideas critically and thoughtfully.

Theresa Lin

New York, N.Y., United States

Theresa Lin

Undergraduate Writing Program Instructor

Theresa Lin is an MFA candidate and an Undergraduate Writing Program Instructor at Columbia University. She is working on a novel about a woman living within the constraints of Kuomintang occupation in Taiwan during the 1950s. She spent the summer teaching creative writing at TUMO in Yerevan and dreamed frequently of the snow caps on Mount Aragats, apricots, and walnut sujuk.

United States

Berkeley, Calif., United States

Ani Tascian

Writer; Teacher 

Ani Tascian was born and raised in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She has her B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in English Literature and M.F.A. in Creative Non-Fiction from Saint Mary’s College of California. She has also been awarded residencies at VONA/Voices and Vermont Studio Center and was a poet-in-residence in Berkeley schools. Her essays can be found in Citron Review, Bird’s Thumb, Foliate Review, and other publications. Ani currently writes and teaches in Berkeley, Calif. Her current project, Objects in Mirror Closer Than They Appear, is a memoir about how historical trauma lives generationally in the body.