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Bringing you original, creative content 

Photo credit: Norayr Kasper, "Residues of a Slogan." Fotoistanbul 2015.
Here we celebrate our freelance contributors

Here at h-pem, we thrive on original content that sends ripples of contagious enthusiasm.

We welcome writers who are experts in their fields, but you don’t have to be a professional writer, a cultural expert, or an art critic to contribute. If you enjoy writing and can breathe life into your stories, we want to hear from you. All you have to do is pitch your proposal.

Add your name to our list of contributors list today!

United States

New York, N.Y., United States

Alan Semerdjian


Writer/musician/educator Alan Semerdjian is the author of In the Architecture of Bone (GenPop Books). Semerdjian’s poems and essays have appeared in several print and online publications and anthologies, including The Brooklyn Rail, Adbusters, Frontier Poetry, and Diagram. He released a chapbook of poems called An Improvised Device (Lock n Load Press) in 2005, and his most recent work is a collaboration of poems and sound with guitarist/composer Aram Bajakian called The Serpent and The Crane, which can be found online at

Semerdjian has performed and read all over North America, and his songs have appeared in television and film and charted on CMJ. He is also an award-winning educator and currently teaches at Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

United States

Berkeley, Calif., United States

Ani Tascian

Writer; Teacher 

Ani Tascian was born and raised in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She has her B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in English Literature and M.F.A. in Creative Non-Fiction from Saint Mary’s College of California. She has also been awarded residencies at VONA/Voices and Vermont Studio Center and was a poet-in-residence in Berkeley schools. Her essays can be found in Citron Review, Bird’s Thumb, Foliate Review, and other publications. Ani currently writes and teaches in Berkeley, Calif. Her current project, Objects in Mirror Closer Than They Appear, is a memoir about how historical trauma lives generationally in the body. 


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lena Tashjian

Author; Recipe developer

Lena Tashjian is a writer and recipe developer based in Canada. After living in Armenia for six years, she launched Vegan Armenian Kitchen, a website and YouTube channel focused on plant-based and veganized Armenian cuisine, and the stories and traditions behind them. She also writes about traveling, cute animals, and her frequent adventures in Armenia. Most recently, she authored The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook, a collaborative cookbook project. 


Montreal, Canada

Gohar Topchyan

Philanthropic Worker; Content Writer

Gohar is currently based in Montreal, Quebec, and works for a Canadian philanthropic foundation as Program Manager. She holds an MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe in Warsaw, an MA in British Studies from Humboldt University of Berlin, and a BA in English and French from Brusov State Linguistic University in Yerevan. Before moving to Canada, Gohar worked for several years as a writer, editor, and translator in Yerevan. In her spare time, Gohar enjoys travelling, hiking, attending cultural events, classical music concerts, and art exhibitions.

Salma Yassine

Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanon

Salma Yassine

Salma Yassine

Salma Yassine is a Lebanese-Armenian feminist. She is double majoring in English and Arabic Literature at LAU Beirut. She is interested in almost all forms of art including dance, poetry, theater, and photography. She has written a plethora of creative pieces inspired by her own life events and Beirut, with which she’s in love.