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Meet the faces behind h-pem

Photo credit: Norayr Kasper, "Residues of a Slogan." Fotoistanbul 2015.
Our hands-on team—working behind the scenes

The world is our բեմ/p(/b)em—our platform! A platform based on inspiration from the rich tapestry of the Armenian world.

We immensely enjoy what we do: setting the scene for an Armenian cultural and artistic haven. We have had an amazing journey coming to where we are today. What binds us is Hamazkayin’s vision of a virtual platform to bring Armenians close to each other and our belief that the best work comes from genuine relationships.

Each of us takes pride in making this magic happen, bringing a unique set of thoughts, experiences, and knowledge to the project.

Here, we share our authentic selves…


Beirut, Lebanon

Loucig Guloyan-Srabian

Project Manager

I thrive on unpredictable perspectives. Growing up in a warzone, I had the privilege to walk out of my confinement and dwell in Armenian books, where images like the sower’s fist “opening upon the fields like a dawn” fueled my imagination. Eager to find out how poets inspired an unconquered nation, I pursued a degree in English Literature, only to dabble in writing, and spend a good part of my life as a translator and cultural editor at Aztag. My translation of The Crossing Place: A Journey among the Armenians was an homage to its British author for making me fully appreciate my Armenian identity. Even then, I was obsessed with cultural diversity, darting into creativity unfettered by conventions, traveling to find out how nations generate their “offline” cultures–no joke here! What makes me tingle are old towns, street art, Geghard, Venice, natural reserves, and every museum in between! 

Joining h-pem is like crossing a mountain pass to see the other perspective; unearthing antidotes to cultural doldrums; and embracing the challenge of regenerating Armenian culture through online collaboration.

Shahen Araboghlian

Management Assistant; Social Media Strategist

In my 20 years of life, I’ve come to realize that no culture should be left undiscovered and no country left unvisited. I’m particularly passionate about European/Eurasian linguistics and history, but living in a region like the Middle East, political and social consciousness is crucial. That is why studying at the Lebanese American University and Sciences Po Paris has been a blessing. Coordinating large-scale organizational tasks for projects, from Beirut to NYC, has helped me appreciate cross-cultural communication and dialogue, while representing certain entities at conferences in different regions has developed my management and research skills. Like any good millennial, I’ve grown up on Harry Potter books and Disney movies, and I still love them dearly! I enjoy wine-tasting and try to be as vegetarian as possible, but sometimes manti and kofte are way too hard to ditch!

H-Pem can be anything you'd like it to be. It can be an artistic alternative to LinkedIn; an Armenian version of BuzzFeed; a talent hub that could connect us outside of the vastly-scattered world of social media; and a place where we can establish everlasting ties with fellow Armos who live thousands of miles away through what we're best at: art, music, and uncovering hidden talents!