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About h-pem

We’re all about being passionate and creative 
We’re all about entertainment and engagement

Photo credit: Norayr Kasper, "I Will Talk to You About Time." Fotoistanbul 2015.

Բարեւ or hello!

Whether you have stumbled upon h-pem by chance or are here by choice, we want you to feel at home!

It’s our pleasure to invite you in and satisfy your curiosity.

Welcome to h-pem!

So, you may be wondering... What’s h-pem?

If you were able to recognize the word բարեւ in Armenian letters, be sure that you've warmed our hearts. Otherwise, we’re more than happy to share with you a word cherished by Armenians worldwide: p(/b)arev or “hello." As simple as that!

“Հ” or “h” stands for Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, the architect of this web project, which combines the in-depth features of an online magazine with the interactive functionality of a virtual portal.

Բեմ or pem is another Armenian word—the equivalent of "platform."

Our story is a bit different

Every venture starts with a vision.

Launched in 2019, we are an initiative of the Hamazkayin Central Executive Board and are geared towards boosting cultural responsiveness in creative and cooperative ways.

With more Armenians living all over the world than in Armenia, we hope that by using English as our primary language, we can: 

  1. Foster interaction between the dispersed masses of Armenians and the Armenian homeland, culture, language, and the arts
  2. Achieve a concept of Armenian identity that englobes the nuances of Armenian reality
  3. Inspire Armenian generations to embrace their cultural heritage

What we do on this platform

  • Provide a vibrant space for new or established Armenian artists and writers
  • Explore new ways to regenerate Armenian culture and make it cool
  • Focus on Armenian culture as part of the universal cultural expression
  • Nurture cultural appreciation through participation and communication
  • Offer exposure to the various parts of the Armenian world
  • Help Armenians connect with each other
  • Revitalize Armenian as an enjoyable language
  • Spice up Armenian cultural identity

Values that inspire us

  • Quality and professionalism
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Authenticity and simplicity
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Equality and diversity
  • Inclusion and tolerance

Our project is an ongoing process

The h-pem project will be rolled out in several phases and on an experimental basis.

In the current phase of the project, we offer:

Featured content: the online magazine of h-pem, which includes stories, interviews, analyses, profiles of Armenian cultural figures and achievers, and stories in pictures.

Your stage: an experimental field, which includes a multimedia guide and a submissions area, where we encourage budding artists to introduce and share their creative output.

Our platform is a space where creativity flows and ideas are given a chance to blossom. The opinions and views expressed in our submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect h-pem’s viewpoints. 

Future phases will include:

  • resources and links
  • news and events of Armenian interest
  • online contests, activities, and more

Join our community!

Your journey here began with the Armenian word բարեւ and it continues with an Armenian poet, Paruyr Sevak, who: 

Wished so much!
That this word really become an identity card
For the world at large
For everyone.

Եւ կ՛ուզենայի՜,
Շա՜տ կ՛ուզենայի,
Որ այս բառն իրօք դառնար անձնագիր
Աշխարհո՛ւմ համայն,
Ամէնքի՛ համար։

With an Armenian Diaspora that spans across the Earth’s surface, making the poet’s wish a reality could be easier than we think.

Your journey doesn’t have to end here!

If you would like to use the word on our platform in different ways, please join us in our mission and become a member of our online community!

About Hamazkayin

The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society is a worldwide organization, functioning in 19 countries and many cities in the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Australia, as well as in Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk.

The organization helps preserve, develop, and disseminate Armenian culture; and implements projects ensuring quality education and an Armenian upbringing.

For more information about Hamazkayin visit: