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TUMO x h-pem | 'NaOCl solution' by Artavazd Ganjalyan

October 07, 2019

Creative writing

By Artavazd Ganjalyan


TUMO x h-pem | 'NaOCl solution' by Artavazd Ganjalyan

Artavazd Ganjalyan is a teenage writer, who experiments with literature. Inspired by post-­ modernism, paganism, anarchism, and writers like Kafka and Dostoevsky, he creates his own style of writing and tries to break free of formal rules.


Javel water, NaOCl (ժա՛ւելի սպի՛ռտ), is an aqueous solution containing sodium hypochlorite and some sodium chloride, commonly used as a bleach and disinfectant by Armenian housewives. You can hear an old woman selling javel water in the streets of Erevan. But nobody knows who this lady is.

“Javel water, javel water!” Like a church bell, it announces the new world order, where nobody ever heard a sound of laughter or cry. The harmony of silence was collapsed by an old voice. The voice was strong enough to destroy everything that has created civilization. The echoes opened doors and windows, broke the chains from their lifeless legs and arms, gave them the smell of freedom, the smell of victory was stigmatized in their blood. Silence. The seconds were running from the strength of javel water. The effect was getting weaker and weaker, until chains made from loveless tears were strangling to death. The illusion is melting, reality is melting, you don’t need to differentiate anything anymore. The old woman is scared, always hiding in shadows, like a white raven from burning sunlight. She must go. She must leave broken dreams in the past.

Javel water became the only solution for happiness, freedom, love. Each of them struggled, and only a drop of it could give colors to their lives. Recently sales of disinfectant solutions rose as high as Mount Ararat. Every broken heart, useless person, Armenian housewife dreamed to drink this magical potion, to end their life in a better place, a place of absolute madness and freedom. The first ear hears the voice of an old woman, the street is overflowing with money. The Old Woman doesn’t need money, gold, or fortune. The javel water seller is happy, she is doing what she considers to be right. No chains on her neck, she is not an aristocratic dog for you. Money is not the right value to pay for javel water, but a hopeless soul is. From town to town, street to street an old woman walks and sells this drug. She is the unwanted Messiah, who is here with word of sodium hypochlorite. The unwanted Messiah is here to bring peace and disinfection, the word of God.

“Sorry, dear Old Woman, can I have a bottle of Javel,” asked a young lady, age 20. The javel seller noticed her voice full of unspoken tears.

“Taste it first,” said the old woman and opened the bottle, filled her palms with the liquid and held her wise hands to the girl’s lips.

Javel water is the only solution from the brainwashing entertainment, from Disneyland, Mcdonalds, Armenian Genetic Code. They are giving freedom to souls. Chanting and clapping “Javel water.” Thousands of javel sellers are filling the streets and singing...

To rise above depression
To point out errors
Stand and fight for people’s freedom,

We need no more Xanax
Javel is way out of anxious heat

You wish to drink a drop of it? Take a liter of hypochlorite

No man can control us
And no man can make us wash their dirty toilets,
I will start to disinfect,
To take their stomachs inside out, to wash it with magic potion.

When the TV falls to the floor,
We will open the door for you,
Give you the word of the true Messiah.


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