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Frequently Asked Questions

What formats are acceptable?

Images: JPG, PNG and GIF file formats

Video: YouTube and Vimeo links

Audio: MP3 and WAV formats

Texts: DOC, TXT and PDF file formats

If your files are in different formats, please convert them to these formats by using online converters.

If your work contains a video which has not been uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, please send it to us at [email protected].

Do I need to describe my work in English?

We accept short descriptions both in Armenian and in English.

Is it possible to submit original works that have appeared elsewhere?

Yes! You may submit your work even if it has been published elsewhere as long as you have permission and can provide written consent from the original publisher.

What is the age limit for submitting a work?

We don't discriminate! People of all ages can submit their work, however, those under the age of 16 must have parental consent.

Can I submit on a child’s, a friend’s or a sibling’s behalf?

Only if you have their consent in written form.

What happens if I exceed the 500 MB capacity space allocated to me?

If you need more space to upload your works you can send us an email.

Will I be notified if my work is not accepted?

Yes, you will be notified if your work is not accepted. 

If accepted, will my work be edited?

All submissions are subject to editing. Submissions are reviewed at the discretion of the editorial board. 

My work was accepted. Will it be featured right away?

Hang tight! Though it can take several days before your submission is published, we promise to have it up in as soon as we can!

Can I request a correction to my submission?

Yes! Feel free to write to us if you want to make any factual corrections to your submission. 

Am I allowed to post an advertisement on my submission page?

At this time, h-pem does not accept advertisements of any kind.

Will submissions be featured permanently on h-pem?

Yes! Once accepted, submissions will be featured on h-pem permanently, unless there is a formal request to remove it. 

Am I eligible to receive an honorarium?

Those submitting through our Submissions section are not eligible to receive an honorarium. This section is meant to give you a platform and to feature your work. 

Do you provide a list of prices for submitted works for sale?

Since h-pem is not a commercial space, we do not provide prices for submitted works. We will, however, encourage users to visit the submitter’s website for relevant information.

I have been featured in the submissions section. Can I submit again?

Absolutely! If you have something new to add, we'd love to see it!

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