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'Ashkharhums Imn Dun Is': A modern take on a 300-year-old masterpiece


June 02, 2018


By Lilly Torosyan


'Ashkharhums Imn Dun Is': A modern take on a 300-year-old masterpiece

The great 18th-century multilingual Armenian troubadour, Sayat Nova (“King of Songs” in Persian), captivated the Caucasus with his tales of love—often, unrequited. One of his most famous compositions, "Ashkharhums Imn Dun Is" ("In This World, You Are Mine"), is a love song in the Classical Armenian dialect. It’s romantic, poetic, and oh-so-Sayat Nova-esque.



Ethno folk; remix; reggae; contemporary; movie soundtrack






Drawing inspiration from reggae god, Bob Marley, Reincarnation has the distinction of being Armenia’s first (and so far, only) reggae band. If you think that combining this Jamaican genre with an 18th-century Armenian love ballad is a recipe for disaster, prepare to be blown away! Reincarnation’s version of "Ashkharhums Imn Dun Is" is uniquely modern and super catchy.

The music video has a 1920s-speakeasy vibe, with lots of colors, dancing, and a big band jazz flair; the band is set center stage in this fictional happy place. Watch and be transcended to your happy place.


  • "Ashkharhums Imn Dun Is" by Reincarnation

    Video: Sharm Holding YouTube page

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