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'Noubari Boye': Takes 'tall, dark, and handsome' to a new level

Tamar Kaprelian

June 15, 2018


By Lilly Torosyan


Updated 'Noubari Boye': Takes 'tall, dark, and handsome' to a new level

"Noubari Boye" is a beautiful ballad in which the singer (a female) is describing her lover, named Noubar, and his physical features.


Ethno folk; ballad; contemporary; love song








The competition is stiff, but "Noubari Boye" ("Noubar’s Height") is probably one of the most lyrically beautiful Armenian folk songs, and translations just will not do it justice—but we will try to relay some of it to you in English. This modern interpretation by Armenian American musician and former Eurovision Song Contest contestant, Tamar Kaprelian, is on repeat here, at h-pem.

Check out Tamar’s music video—shot in the stunning Armenian Highlands, replete with horses, headpieces, a breathtaking landscape, and views that will have you booking your next ticket to Yerevan before the video ends. Then check out a version of the song entitled "Nubar Nubar" from back in 1964 by the legendary Armenian-American oudist John Berberian (in our video section below) as suggested by h-pem user Stefanie Kundakjian.


Translated by Tamar herself, here is a snippet of the lyrics:

"Noubar goes light like a feather,
Noubar’s lover is standing lost,
Sighs sadly day and night,
And goes around the village."


  • "Noubari Boye" by Tamar Kaprelian

    Video: Tamar Kaprelian YouTube page

  • "Nubar Nubar" by John Berberian

    Video: John Berberian - Topic YouTube page

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