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Digital art | Familiar grounds

April 26, 2018

Digital art

By Lilly Torosyan


Digital art | Familiar grounds

*Sip*, *Nondescript cheneh*, *clink*. This has been the soundtrack to some of my favorite memories

Artist's name Lori Yogurtian

Account executive at a marketing firm

City/Country Boston, Mass., United States
About the artist

Lori Yogurtian is a marketing professional with a passion for photography. Growing up in a large Armenian family and active community has shaped her life experiences and perspective on art, culture, and the world around her.


en I was six, my dad would spill a bit of surj  (coffee) so I could drink it from the saucer and join in on family gatherings. When I was 12, I earned my first badge toward being a 'kes knik' (half-woman) when I independently brewed and served a jezveh. Since then, countless memories with friends, family, and community have centered around this tradition. Whether boiling on a stovetop, coals from a manghal (barbeque), wood from a fire pit, or a coil of a hot plate, moments that connected me to my culture and shaped my identity were always accompanied or followed by a cup of Armenian coffee."


"On a recent trip to Armenia, a painting style I saw as I walked down a street at [the open-air market of] Vernissage reminded me of the embroidered tapestries or 'dzerki gortz' works my aunts, mom, and grandma had done when they were younger. Using an Armenian-made photo-editing tool I discovered on the same trip, I was inspired and able to adapt that style to a still-life subject that I personally connect to—surj!"

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