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Poem | 'I am' by Melineh Yemenidjian

August 21, 2020


By Melineh Yemenidjian


Poem | 'I am' by Melineh Yemenidjian

"I am" is Melineh Yemenidjian's sixth poem published by h-pem.

Writer's name Melineh Yemenidjian


City/Country Los Angeles, Calif.
About the writer
  • A lifelong poet who is beginning to publish her work
  • Studied Liberal Studies at California State University, Long Beach
  • After an MFA in Creative Writing, she hopes to teach poetry at the university level and host retreats and workshops

I  am 

I am 

A statue made of ice,
dripping from being placed
under sultry 

vice. At a party or show—
someplace I have no choice
but to go,

I’d rather be in cool

heavy hours spent, 
solidifying into something new, 
more than a puddle around 
someone’s shoes—

Although fragile and bent, 
alone I can learn 
how to shape my own 
eternal burn

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