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Profile | Eric Nazarian

Profile | Eric Nazarian

July 24, 1976


By Lilly Torosyan


He may have gotten his start depicting angels in the blues, but Eric Nazarian’s cinematic journey has unfurled along what our elders would call a կանաչ ճանապարհ (“a green path,” meaning blessed with good fortune). A passionate storyteller by way of film, screenwriting, and photojournalism, Nazarian depicts the voices and stories of those who have been silenced, forgotten, or ignored and, in doing so, hopes to bring to light the truth and awaken the imagination in all of us.

Nazarian’s repertoire is wide-ranging, yet perennially engaging.

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Phonetic spelling

Eh-rik Nuh-zah-ree-in (ɛrɪk nəzɛriən)

Place of birth

Yerevan, Soviet Armenia


Filmmaker, screenwriter, photojournalist


Nazarian’s repertoire is defined by a poetic, reflective look on the human condition, which tries to find the morsel of truth hiding within every story. Many of his pieces incorporate bold, vibrant images and emphasize the senses in a heightened and distinctly creative way.

Nazarian demonstrates an uncanny affinity for the language of cinema… this is clearly another filmmaker to watch out for in the coming years… like the late Cassavetes, Nazarian demonstrates an uncanny ability to compose the most striking images and memorable performances on a shoestring budget.

- Turin Film Festival

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