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'Mokatz Shuken': A commentary on the market of Moks

Apo Sahagian

June 15, 2018


By Lilly Torosyan


'Mokatz Shuken': A commentary on the market of Moks

The lyrics of this fun tune tell of a young woman watching two young men walk by—one with a mustache and one without. What then ensues is a hilarious commentary on the fashion and stereotypes of the time.


Ethno folk; alternative rock; contemporary; funk




Jerusalem; Moks



"Mokatz Shugen," meaning “The Market in the Town of Moks” (an ancient Armenian province, located in present-day Van), is narrated by a young woman who essentially represents people watching at the market. This funky version by Apo Sahagian (of Apo and the Apostles) will be stuck in your head for hours—and you won’t even feel bad about it, because it’s that good.

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●        Listen to Zulal Folk Trio’s short, but sweet, a cappella rendition of this tune below.  


Thank you to Music of Armenia for the English translation of the refrain:

“The one with the mustache has wealth and a home and looks like my sweetheart! The one without the mustache is not someone I would speak highly of. I built a home at the mouth of the river with two types of wood—one of peach, one of apricot. Apricot melts in the mouth like the warm kiss of your beloved.”

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