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#ArtsakhPoemsOnHPem | 'Artsakh, ourselves' by Melineh Yemenidjian

November 21, 2020


By Melineh Yemenidjian


#ArtsakhPoemsOnHPem | 'Artsakh, ourselves' by Melineh Yemenidjian

"Artsakh, ourselves" is Melineh Yemenidjian's seventh poem published by h-pem.

Writer's name Melineh Yemenidjian


City/Country Los Angeles, Calif.
About the writer
  • A lifelong poet who is beginning to publish her work
  • Studied Liberal Studies at California State University, Long Beach
  • After an MFA in Creative Writing, she hopes to teach poetry at the university level and host retreats and workshops

Artsakh, ourselves

To the fallen soldier
Young and true
Following bidding
Of what is due
Resilience and bravery
Are what is required
Until the day he is expired

A life cut short
To maintain cease fire
Becomes a part of war-
A senseless mire

These words no doubt
Have been written before
Though heartfelt
They do not settle the score

They are a way 
To help make sense
Of a higher power
That seems absent

Despite destruction
Of homes and cities
We link together 
To form a global

Remembering the smiling faces
In our minds that get stuck
We feel pain and hope
For our courageous Artsakh 

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